A preprocessing algorithm for Hybridization Number on any number of binary or nonbinary trees.


Leo van Iersel, Steven Kelk and Celine Scornavacca, Kernelizations for the hybridization number problem on multiple nonbinary treesJournal of Computer and System Sciences, 82(6): 1075–1089 (2016). (arXivPreliminary version in WG 2014. LNCS 8747, 299-311 (2014).


Download the source file

Download and install a Java Compiler.

Open a terminal window and navigate to the folder of Treeduce.

Type “javac” to compile the program.

Running the program

Type “java Treeduce input.tree [k] [-s]”

input.tree text file containing any number of trees in Newick format
k the value of the parameter (default is 1)
-s use this to enable silent mode

The reduced trees will be saved in Newick format to a file called “reduced.tree”.


An example input file: example.txt



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