Leo2009After studying applied mathematics at the University of Twente, I obtained my PhD at Eindhoven University of Technology with Leen Stougie, Gerhard Woeginger and Judith Keijsper. After that, I have worked as a postdoc at the University of Canterbury with Mike Steel and Charles Semple, as a teacher in primary and secondary schools in Tanzania and Kenya and as a researcher at CWI in Amsterdam, funded by my personal Veni grant from NWO. Since November 2014, I am an assistant professor at TU Delft.

I have two open PhD positions (and one filled postdoc position) in the project “Encoding, reconstructing and comparing complex evolutionary scenarios”, funded by a Vidi grant from NWO. You are welcome to apply via email.

I have been a member of the program committees of ESA 2015 Track A and AAIM 2016.

Click here to visit my old CWI website (outdated).

New papers and preprints (a full list is here)

In Dutch:

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