After studying applied mathematics at the University of Twente, I obtained my PhD at Eindhoven University of Technology. After that, I have worked as a postdoc at the University of Canterbury, as a teacher in primary and secondary schools in Tanzania and Kenya and as a researcher at CWI in Amsterdam. In 2014, I joined TU Delft, where I’m currently an associate professor. I’m co-chair of AIM.

Upcoming events

New papers and preprints (a full list is here)

Recent student theses (a full list is here)

In Dutch:

Research projects

  • “Identifiability of evolutionary histories” funded by NWO ENW-M2 grant with Steven Kelk and Mark Jones.
  • “Optimization for and with Machine Learning” funded by NWO ENW-GROOT grant, co-applicant. https://optimal.uva.nl/
  • “Treewidth Parameterizations of Network Construction Problems in Phylogenetics” funded by NWO ENW-KLEIN grant with Mark Jones.
  • “Encoding, reconstructing and comparing complex evolutionary scenarios” funded by NWO Vidi grant.
  • “Bringing phylogenetic networks to life” funded by NWO Veni grant.

Organized events

Program Committee memberships


I’m recommender for Peer Community In Mathematical & Computational Biology.

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